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Some Arduino related stuff.

Use e.g. Cool Term Win to save logged terminal data from serial monitor. The serial monitor need to be closed during the recording.

See also Python introduction how to plot csv (or log) data: Plot Cansat or any csv data using Python


Tutorials for different Arduino curriculums

Arduino Kit. Plans for a not-so-simple school friendly Arduino setup

  1. Arduino
  2. MPU6050 // MPU9250 (included in gy-91).
  3. Display: SSD1306 0.96 inch I2C OLED // or 5110 (works 3.3V; is there i2c?).
  4. Ledstrip
  5. NTC
  6. Barometer
  7. Potentiometer
  8. Motor controller
  9. Light diode

Arduino Cansat project. See also See jumpers

  1. J2 and J3 are not connected, you can program the Arduino.
  2. J2 (and J3) connected: you can transmit data through the radio.
  3. J4 (and J5) connected: you enable data storage in the MicroSD-card.
  4. J6 connected: the EN pin on the APC220 radio module is connected to the digital port D7 on the Arduino.
  5. J7 or at J8 or both in order to connect power to the Gy-87/88/91.

Detailed (or hardcodre) instructions:

  • GY-91
  • I2c scanner
  • GY-91 reading digital data
  • Altimeter MPL3115A2
  • SCD-40 CO2 sensor


Cansat Arduino

Cansat Version 7
Cansat Version .... This version has MPX4115A pressure sensor.

Check the pins while uploading, saving or using memory card.

  • Not found. . . Remove the pins.
    1. CanSat-laajennuspiirilevyssä on oikeanpuoleisen kuvan mukaisesti kaksi hyppyjohdinsarjaa, J2 ja J3.
    2. Kun J2- ja J3-hyppyjohtimia ei ole kytketty, voit ohjelmoida Arduinoa.
    3. Kun asetat hyppyjohtimet kohtiin J2-1 ja J2-2, voit lähettää tietoja radiolla.
    4. Kun asetat hyppyjohtimet kohtiin J3-1 ja J3-2, voit ottaa käyttöön tietojen tallentamisen SD-kortille (jos se on kytketty).

Caption text
TASK Sat-1 Sat-2 Sat-3 Sat-4
GY-91 Runs burning hot. Acc values are zero OK. Addresses 0x68 and 0x76 Red light do not turn on. I2C_scanner do not find the sensors. Works!
NTC Example Example Works!
Datalogger Example Example Works.
Radio Example Example Works

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