Hands On and Recreational Mathematics

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Logic Puzzles

Martin Gardner


It Figures: Logic Puzzles Powered by Geometry by Jeffrey Wanko and Greg Hawk. Miami University Oxford, OH Presented at the NCTM Annual Meeting April 14, 2011 Indianapolis, Indiana

Geometry Puzzzles

The Haggard Hawks Book of Brainteasers: 1,000 Word and Language Puzzles to Tax Your Brain and Challenge Your Wordpower. https://www.amazon.com/Haggard-Hawks-Book-Brainteasers-Challenge/dp/B0C2RTN8HZ?t=txcasxN7WLeWmCxPKcrJew&s=33


Amazing Math: Puzzles & Mazes by Cindi Mitchell Grades 6–8. SCHOLASTIC PROFESSIONAL BOOKS. Whole Numbers, division, prime numbers, divisibility, fractions. . .